Top 10 Injection Molding Machine Manufacturers in China

The plastic business witness a great increase every year. it is estimated that almost 1/3 of all plastics materials are produced by means of injection molding.

In the course of the injection molding process, the injection molding machine is indispensable. if you are thinking of starting an injection molding business or expanding the existing one, it is wise for you to find a suitable injection molding machine or an injection molding manufacturer.

However, the china plastic molding machine is highly costed and you may suffer a great loss when buying it hasty if you are not familiar with its performance and quality.

Therefore, we run a survey to find the top 10 China injection molding manufacturers which offer the supreme and durable injection molding machine.


Located in the Beilun Science and Technology Park, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. Enjoying over 45 years of injection molding machine manufacturing experience, HX-HIGHSUN is on the list of plastic injection molding machine factories in China issued by the China Machinery Industry Federation (CMIF).

With the over 10,000 pieces of annual production capacity, HX-HIGHSUN is awarded “top 3” of comprehensive strength & development potential for IMM manufacturer by CPIMMA for five consecutive years.

HX-HIGHSUN integrates R&D, processing, manufacturing, assembly and debugging of the injection molding machine, and has long been committed to fine management and zero-defect construction. It mainly offers HXM servo energy-saving series and accept special orders (clear two-color, mixed two-color, high-speed machine, PET, etc.).


Located in the hometown of china plastic products—Yuyao, NINGBO CHUANGJI MACHINERY CO., LTD is one of the top 10 injection molding machine manufacturers in China. It has set up more than 50 dealers in mainland China and also set up distributors and service stations in more than 20 overseas countries such as in North and South America.

It currently has four injection molding machine bases with a total area of over 100,000 square meters. Its annual production capacity has registered more than 4,000 sets.

Owing to the comprehensive independent research and development capabilities and strict quality supervision system, the LOG injection molding machine enjoys advantages, such as efficient energy-saving, high-pressure high-speed, precision and stability, and so on.


Founded in the year 1999, Powerjet Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd locates at Nanhai Industrial Park in Foshan Guangdong China.

As one of the top 10 injection molding machine manufacturers in China, it covers an area of 30,000 square meters and offers a series of advanced equipment like CNC introduced from Mitsubishi, Okuma, Doosan.

Powerjet boasts a large number of experts in the plastic machinery industry. Its professional team achieves several advantages of Powerjet plastic machines “energy-saving, high performance, high speed, precision”. Moreover, It can also develop the special machines according to the customers’ requirements, like machines for PET preform, PVC/PPR fitting, thin-walled product, silicone, bakelite, and multi-material products.


Established in the year 1988, BOLE Machinery (hereinafter referred to as [BOLE”) is a subsidiary of CHENGLU group. Despite being a latecomer of China plastic molding machine manufacturers, it has made a lot of brilliant achievements. For example, it joined the China plastics processing industry association (CPPIA) and became the governing unit in 2017.

It offers sophisticated injection molding machines, which are developed and directed by German experts. The range of products covers nearly 100 specifications and 6 main series. The clamping force ranges from 70 tons to 6800 tons and the injection weight ranges from 65g to 60000g.

In the future, building on the principle of intelligence, efficiency, precision, and energy-saving, BOLE will focus on the improvement of the core competitiveness of customers. Besides, BOLE will also continue its efforts to build itself as a sustainable modern high-tech brand.


Established in the year 1998, Sonly is a member unit of China Plastics Machinery Industry Association. As one of the top 10 injection molding machine manufacturers in China, it covers an area of 60,000 ㎡, including workshops and offices.

Thanks to its advanced precision machining equipment and professional R&D and management team, Sonly can produce over 3,000 sets of sophisticated injection molding machines every year.

It can offer Shouli U-TS high-grade precision injection molding machine, 50T to 3400T servo injection molding machine, customized PET bottle injection molding machine, PP-R coupler injection molding machine, PVC pipe fitting injection molding machine, fruit basket injection molding machine, double-colored plastic injection machine, etc.


Founded in the year 2000, Dakumar is one of the China plastic molding machine manufacturers. It keens on the formation of a 5H molding thinking of High Speed, High precision, High Energy Saving, High safety, and High cycle stability during machine design and manufacturing.

In 2014, having purchased 100% shareholding of DAKUMAR, SINO HOLDINGS GROUP started the R&D of the two-plate machines with European standards. This innovation broke through the bottleneck of 5H ultra-thin wall high-speed machine technology and improved the configuration stability.

Till now, DAKUMAR has provided a high standard precise injection molding line, government project for more than 1600 companies in over 100 countries. Its machinery finds wide applications in different fields like food packaging, automotive parts, home appliances, medical parts, household items.


Located in Ningbo city of China, where is the capital of the plastic injection molding machine of the world. As one of the top 10 injection molding machine manufacturers in China, Daya covers an area of 70,000 square meters with a total building area of more than 50,000 square meters.

With over 20 years of experience in the manufacture of plastic injection molding machine, Daya machinery has series of plastic molding machine as follows: standard classical fixed pump plastic injection machine; variable displacement pump injection molding machine; servo motor injection molding machine for precision product making; high-speed injection machine; PET, PVC, etc.

Daya plastic injection molding machine has been well sold both in the Chinese local market and foreign markets. The annual production output capacity is approx 3000 sets. with the competitive price and stable quality, the Daya molding machine receives a good reputation in different countries, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Russia, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Africa, Mexico, Peru, Chile, etc.


Mega Machinery is one of the top 10 injection molding machine manufacturers in China. After decades’ exertion and development, Mega has established a team of experienced designers and workers, a group of educated executive personnel. All of those factors permit our customer sound price and the most reliable service.

Its main products include stretch blow molding machine; extrusion blow molding machine; injection molding machine; pet preform mold; cap mold; blow mold; injection mold.

Mega Machinery’s products enjoy a good reputation over 100 countries worldwide. It always tries to provide the most reliable packaging solution for every customer from every corner of the world. After purchasing our products, its after-sale service relative to components, technical support, onsite service, and operator training follows immediately if needed, no matter where you are.


WINTEC is based in Changzhou (Jiangsu Province) in China. As one of the top 10 injection molding machine manufacturers in China, it mainly offers two kinds of products as follows:


The servo-hydraulic two-platen twin is a cost-effective machine for customers’ single-shot applications. With the advantages of energy-saving, twin finds wide applications in the manufacturing of automotive or technical parts.


Being a small machine, the e-win is characterized by a high output and a low cost. Owing to its high-speed, precise, and extremely economical, energy-efficient running method, the e-win is your successful choice for you to the circle of all-electric injection molding. On the whole, it is an investment that pays dividends surprisingly quickly.


Triple-c has grown into one of the top 10 injection molding machine manufacturers in China since its foundation in 2005.

Thanks to its specialist knowledge of injection molding and the high quality of its plastic products, Triple-c delivers products all over the world today. There are three keywords to describe it: passion, creativity, and dynamic.

As one of the leading injection molding machine manufacturers, Triple-c is a dynamic company with short lines and flexibility. The quick and decisive action makes it a pleasant and solid business partner in plastic injection molding for both small and medium-sized businesses and for multinationals.

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